Rent/Buy Referrals

Renting/buying referrals is another way to increase the number of referrals in your downline, but this requires to invest some money and time to manage them. Donít be scared, it is a quite simple task, youíll grow familiar with it in a matter of minutes. We can rent referrals on PTC sites. We can buy them and they are in our down-line for good. When launched NeoBux made a very innovative move: it introduced the referral renting system. Since then every PTC site implements this feature, it helps the PTC sites to be more stable financially.
When we rent referrals we do that in the hope they will make a profit for us, which means that they make more money for than we spend on them to rent, to extend and to recycle. This is not always the case, thatís why we must manage them properly to make the most possible money out of them. Thereís no strategy that is good for every site. There are many factors that influence the applied strategy: our membership type, the cost of renting, the cost of recycling, the click average.

Few terminologies:

Most PTC sites provides detailed statistics about each and every referralís activity. Itís very easy to manage your referrals based on these statistics if you know how to use them. Always look at these statistics of a certain referral as whole, not in pieces. You can tell which ref is bad based only on his average or the clicks he made. The rented referrals can be sorted by several criterion making picking sertain referrals much easier.
Managing referrals can be done one by one or with many referrals at once. For instance you can recycle one referral if you wish, but you may want to recycle many referrals. To recycle a group of referrals, just tick every checkbox at the end of the chosen referralís row, select the recycle option, and thatís all.